Welcome to our store, where you will find the Treasures of Egypt we hope you will love too

Who We Are

At Egyptian Treasures we are passionate about Egypt, the rich wealth of history, deep spirituality and energy of the country and historical sites and the amazing warmth and openness of the people. 

As seasoned travellers to Egypt we have explored the many historical and spiritual sites of Egypt on and off the beaten track.   We love to visit the amazing temples, fascinating tombs and spiritual sites of ancient Egypt.

Along the way we have brought back with us many Egyptian Treasures.  There has been so much interest in our jewellery, statues and other items we decided to bring a selection of items home to share directly with you.

Our aim is to bring you a taste of Egypt by selecting a range of very special and individual items sourced directly from Egypt.   We have Handmade silver jewellery, replicas from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, statues of the Gods & Goddesses of ancient Egypt, silk scarves, alabaster vases, glass oil burners and one off specials or limited editions.