Welcome to our store, where you will find the Treasures of Egypt we hope you will love too

At Egyptian Treasures we handpick all of our items and source them directly with our Egyptian Suppliers.  This means we are regular visitors to Egypt, it's sites and monuments.

Working alongside our Egyptian partners our experience is in arranging bespoke tours for large and smaller groups.  We would look forward to working with you on your requirements, anything from a long weekend exploring Cairo to a full tour starting from Abu Simbel, through Aswan, Luxor and then on to Cairo.  Our speciality in bespoke tours gives you the freedom to combine your perfect itinerary with travel arrangements to suit you.

We will arrange everything for you from the moment you land to checking back in at the airport, transfers, hotels, cruise (if required), beach resorts......just tell us what you are looking for and we can get the ball rolling.

If you are a group leader of a Spiritual, College or University group, our tours include up to 2 group leaders included in the price or a donation for you.  Please contact us for full details. 

Your group will be accompanied by an Egyptologist with 32 years experience so you have nothing to worry about.

Why not contact us with your details and we can prepare you an itinerary....we look forward to being able to help make your tour the most special and memorable experience.

Love and Light

Original wall painting from Saqqara about 6,00 years old and still in colour !!