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Oil Burner Twisted Handle


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These are individual handmade Egyptian glass Oil Burners to diffuse the scent of essential oils into your home.   They are so pretty to look at as a decoration or to bring your favourite scent to your home.

The Oil Burners are all handmade and the decoration is individual; the pictures you see are of the actual burner you will receive.  The Oil Burners stand approx 24 cm high.

Using An Oil Burner - put some water and a few drops of oil essential oil in to the well/reservoir at the top of the burner.  Insert a tea light in the holder below and light. 

Remember     - Don't let your well/reservoir burn dry - it is possible that the well/reservoir could crack.  When the water has evaporated put the candle out.

                      - Never leave the oil burner unattended when in operation

                      - Make sure there is nothing flammable in the vicinity where it is burning

                      - Never leave it anywhere it can be reached by a child

                      - Follow simple candle safety rules